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My 11 year old daughter learned about how boys are

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My daughter has friends in her class, some of them are boys that she really gets along with.  Recently a middle school drama happened and she got mad at her best friend who was a boy.  

the next day upon him not asking or apologizing for making her mad she finally told him she wasn’t mad anymore.  

his reply was, I thought, priceless,”I didn’t know you were mad “.  She was highly offended and came home upset.  Her mom explained that all men are oblivious to girls emotions and also forget everything by the next day.  

a little while later she got in a name calling match with a different boy and she was super angry about it.  We reminded her that by tomorrow he won’t remember.  We were right.  

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Something I instilled in my daughter is “Boys / men do not have telepathy. We do not read minds. If you’re angry say something. If you don’t say anything don’t expect the boy to understand your attitude because boys and men do not have telepathy.”


I had to tell my wife this when we first got married. She would get mad about something and sulk around giving me the quiet treatment or even worse, she would lock herself in the bedroom and wouldn’t answer the door. She got away with that once. The next time I had to replace a door in our apartment but we sat down and had a conversation. That was 43 years ago. We’re still very happily married. 

Communication is Key!

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My wife taught elementary grades K-4.  She said boys were easy, got over fights quickly.  Girls pouted for weeks.  I told her it applies to adults too.


I think she's still mad at me.

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In 42 years, four months and 1 day, I never stopped learning from my wife. I miss her and wish daily that she was still here to guide me through life. She was younger than me, smarter than me and a whole lot better than me and when she said "I do", my life got a whole lot better. There were times I didn't understand until some time had passed; a continual learning curve. I pray our young girls/women are still practicing the art of being "mysterious". 

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44 years for us, this coming New Years Eve.

I remind my grand daughters that "nobody is born knowing how to drive a stick shift.  They have to be taught."
This applies to relationships, the bedroom, at the range and behind the wheel.

And in personal finance.

The requirement for being a mind reader just plain pisses me off.
I'm glad I (no longer) have that problem.

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55 years for us Met in high school I am still trying to figure her out. Women are very interesting.


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