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So what about the Italians?

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I have had a pair of Ruger OMV, Colts and U.S.F.A.  Thinking it might be fun to have a Thunderer style something like Doc's in Tombstone.  Looked at Taylor's and Uberti.  Suggestions on where to look and even specific models will be appreciated.  Probably be a sometimes carry and shoot now and then, so smooth and very reliable rather than racegun.  Thanks in advance!

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Cimarron sells both Pietta and Uberti ; both are great gun makers. I’d skip the Ubertis that have a retractable firing pin(I don’t know which models) which is why I suggested Pietta’s.

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When I bought mine, low these many years ago when they first came out with them, Cimarron came up with the idea and contracted with Uberti. The only way to get a Thunderer was to buy it from Cimarron. Nobody else carried it. Uberti made it but the contract did not allow them to sell it to anyone else. Not Taylor's, not EMF, not anybody.


Several of the importers sell a gun with the bird's head grip. But if you want one with the hump at the top of the bird's head, you could only get that from Cimarron.


Have they changed that now? Because before, you could not even buy it from Uberti USA. Only Cimarron.



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I would suggest a Cimarron "Thunderball" (Pietta).
Recently acquired a 3.5" SS .357 version.
4-click action and smoooth right out of the box.



Thunderball .357 (wire).jpg

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