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You frequently see grips with the area around the screw hole cracked or broken.  Some grips are very brittle and people simply over tighten them.  So here is a little trick to help prevent grip breakage.  Ruger grip frames come in two thicknesses.  1/2"and 7/16".  The grip frame on the left is 1/2 and the one on the right 7/16.




Ruger grip frames are interchangable.  For example the Single Six, Vaquero and New Vaquero gripframes will all interchange.  The Single Six and Vaquero use the 1/2" thick gripframes.  The New Vaquero uses the 7/16" thick gripframe.  EXCEPT for the birdshead grip.  Ruger did not bother making a special gripframe for the New Vaquero birdshead so it uses the same 1/2 version as the Single Six and Vaquero.  In fact both of the gripframes in the above photo are of New Vaqueros.  Birdshead on the left and plow handle on the right.  A simple trick is to go to your local ACE Hardware and buy some spacers.  Remember get 7/16" for plow handle New Vaqueros and 1/2" for everything else.  You can get plastic or if you want to get fancy aluminum.




Simply put on one grip, slip the spacer over the screw and put on the other grip.  Now just snug up the screw and you minimize any risk of grip breakage.



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