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As I'm sure we all know those words can be correctly pronounced two different ways. With an E sound - Neether - or with a Y sound - Neyether.


My question is, do you use the same vowel sound for both? Whichever one you use, do you say Eether/Neether or Eyether/Neyrther? Or do you use one for one and the other for the other?


I don't like that idea eether, and neyether one of us is going to help.


I actually use both vowel sounds, but I guess I would say EEther maybe 90% of the time, over EYEther. But NEEther and NYEther is closer to half and half.


But then I've also been known to say things like, "I ain't not never gonna do it nohow". So you probably shouldn't attempt to emulate my speech pattern.

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On the subject of either/neither:


WEB Griffin has several series of books. Several of them have a lot in common.


Many of his characters own Jaguars. Most of his characters are rich. And many of his characters come from Pennsylvania - Philadelphia generally.


And these Pennsylvanians frequently say, "either do I".


Not neither do I - either do I.


The first time I saw it I thought it was a typo. Printing error. But he does it often. Often enough that it's apparently intentional.


So for people from Pennsylvania, is this common:


"I don't want to do that."

"Either do I."



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