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What kind of lead bullet does this?

John Barleycorn, SASS #76982

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3 hours ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

So if we assumed that's linear, which is probably isn't, we get about 100 fps drop off every 10 yards, so three yards would be a drop off of approximately 33 fps. 


I suspect it's actually an accelerating curve, sort of like the speed at which something falls, but in reverse, with the drop off accelerating as a function of time.

It’s not linear.  Faster the bullet goes, the more drag, so it slows down faster.  So it slows down more at first then less later on.   I bet a sonic load could drop 50 fps for 3 yards near the muzzle.  

your numbers might be right for sonic bullets.  But since most sass loads are subsonic, that velocity loss will be 1/10th that.  Unless they are running really hot loads, then they may be sonic and then moving targets would make a measurable difference in impact energy.  

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I only found 1 test online that had data at 10 yds so I used the JBM Trajectory calculator. They had the Hornady 110gr 357 XTP and the 250gr 452 XTP available. I used both 800 fps and 1000 fps as the muzzle velocity. The 357 lost 1% per 5 yards for the first 20 yards and the 45 lost 1% per 10 yards. So the 357 at 1000 fps was doing about 990 at 5 yards and about 981 at 10 yards. Not much of a difference. The other options lost less velocity with the 250gr 45 still going about 990 fps at 10 yards.  So you could probably assume a handgun round doing 1000 fps or less is going to lose 1 to 2 fps per yard for the first 10 to 20 yards. 

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On 9/10/2023 at 5:31 PM, Anvil Al #59168 said:

Hope they pony up some cash to buy some new targets. 


This kind of thing really upsets me as it cost the club. 

+1!  that sort of damage isn't caused by any commercial lead alloy for bullets.  In fact... at SASS velocities (600-750 fps), even pure linotype bullets don't penetrate like that.  They simply shatter.   That looks like a combination of extremely hard bullets and velocities in excess of SASS maximums.  IMO, shooters using main match loads approaching SASS main match maximums should be stopped immediately.  Neither pistol nor rifle round traveling at SASS maximums simply aren't needed with today's target distances.  Those targets can be salvaged, welding up with hard face rod and grinding smooth to restore a pock-free surface... Did it often enough to our old targets. 

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