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Yul Lose

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My wife brought this baseball cap home from an agriculture meeting that she attended. I guess the chemical is named True. I had my local embroidery shop gal customize it. When I picked it up she said I was going to start a fad with that cap. The added word is partially hidden to coincide with Saloon rules. 


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7 hours ago, Texas Maverick said:

You live in the right state for wearing it. 



You got that right, the first couple of people that saw it thought it was a Trump hat and proceeded to chew me out for it and then I told them that they needed to learn how to spell. Then they wanted to know what it meant and I told them to guess.

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Baseball caps can be fun.  For Christmas a couple of years ago my daughter sent me a black baseball cap.  Just above the bill are the words "LET'S GO BRANDON."   Above that in LARGE red, white, and blue flag colors are "FJB".  Every time I wear it, no matter where I go, even to the VA hospital, somebody says to me, even little kids, "Love Your Hat"!!!!  Tell them it's the best Christmas present my daughter ever sent me.  Have had a few "other kind of people" say they thought it was offensive.  Asked them if they don't like the NASCAR driver Brandon Brown.  Deer in the headlights look from them.  No, it's the FJB they don't like.  Then I say, "What's wrong with Free Jelly Beans"?

Deer in the headlights look again, and then they just walk away.

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