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A "stuffed" chair


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Ever heard of one?


In the book I'm reading the gentleman "sank down into an overstuffed chair".


Now overstuffed I've heard many many times. But thinking about it, because it's four in the damn morning and I can't sleep, it sounds like it has more stuffing in it than a regular stuffed chair. It's OVER stuffed.


But I don't think I've ever heard of a stuffed chair. Upholstered, yes. Padded, yes. But stuffed?


This also applies to couches. Or sofas, settees, loveseats or divans - whatever term you choose to use for that larger piece of sitting-down-type furniture that holds more than one person. ;)

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Stuffed or over stuffed round these parts usually applies to turkeys....


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4 hours ago, Colorado Coffinmaker said:


I normally hear the term "Stuffed" or "Overstuffed" when one can no longer get one's car inna garage and need a "Garage Sale." :rolleyes:


I normally use it on Thanksgiving and then lay on the couch.:rolleyes:

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