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There is a pump "Lightning" rifle, for sale on-line, imported by American Western Arms, who may be out of business now.

I sort of remember that brand, from several years ago.

I am thinking that particular brand, of "Lightning" pump rifle, had some problems, and seems like the folks on here did not think too highly of that 

particular model. Perhaps quality issues? 

Does anyone remember anything about this? 

I figure some of the Pards on here, had one, or knew someone who did. 

I remember some of those brands of "Lightning" pump rifles, when they started to come on the scene, had some quality control problems, and a lot of griping about it, on the Wire, from those that bought one. I know the now defunct U.S. Firearms, made one, as did Taurus, and some others, as well. I think Pedersoli still makes one, and I see one, every now and again. Dixie still lists them, but are out of stock, last time I looked. 

I am NOT thinking of buying this rifle, just wondering if anyone had any experience with the American Western Arms import of this model.




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Too bad the search function does not work better.  LOTS of threads on this topic.  Not going to reinvent the history of Lightning clones here.  AWA was a pretty close copy of an original Colt.  Some worked well, some not so well.  But, this is something that can be said for all the reproductions.

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