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Yul Lose

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We seem to be a collection point for geriatric dogs. Gave a couple a good home for their last years. Big fenced yard and spoil them rotten. 

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On 8/1/2023 at 8:27 AM, Yul Lose said:

These 2 guys showed up this morning. Either they ran away or somebody dumped them. No collars and no chips from what I could tell. Very friendly, check out the blue eyes on the white one.


Check out the "medicine eyes" on both of them.

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Some America Indians believe that white or pale blue eyes on any animal (except me apparently) have magical powers to help humans.  I learned this when i was living in Utah as a kid and someone found three albino elk up Logan Canyon.  The two adults were both true albinos, but the calf had very pale blue eyes.


The Forest Service helped some people (Chiefs, shamans, and other leaders of the tribe) from the Navaho tribe over in Brigham City captured all three and they were taken to the reservation where they were treated like royalty....or pets....until they died of natural causes.  I don't know a "white eye" that ever saw them again.


About eight years ago two more, a bull and a cow, no calf, were spotted up there and my BIL got some very spectacular pictures of them before they were whisked away.  One had blue eyes the other had red eyes.


Not too far back there was a white buffalo calf that made quite a stir someplace in Wyoming IITC.


I've known a couple of Inuit folks who went to USU with me and they treated "medicine eye"dogs the same way but not quite as much because they are much more common.  I asked about cats and was told the maybe if they were bobcats or cougars they would be thought of the same way but Siamese cats and others just weren't s special.

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