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It's In Australia, It Will Probably Kill You

Subdeacon Joe

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"Key points:

A large item was found at the beach in Green Head, 250km north of Perth late Sunday afternoon

Police are guarding the object and say it is being treated as hazardous until they can determine what it is

A local resident found it in the water and dragged it to shore

Police have been guarding the mysterious item for most of the day, as state and federal authorities try to work out what it is.


The canister washed up on a beach at Green Head, 250 kilometres north of Perth, where it was found and reported by curious locals.


In a statement on Monday night, police said an analysis by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services and the Chemistry Centre of WA had determined the object was safe and there was no risk to the community. "



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1 hour ago, Badlands Bob #61228 said:

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?


MH370 was over 9 years ago. That object doesn't look like it's been in the ocean for nine years.

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For something dragged ashore, it sure didn't leave much of a drag mark for it's size.:lol:

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