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Do many of you place your first fired pistol on the table

Quiet Burp

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9 hours ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

Or miss your holster and it ends up on the ground.  I've seen it happen several times.  Although neither has ever happened to me. :rolleyes:

I've missed my holster a few times. It happens! If placing my pistol on the table will help me win matches I better try it. Actually, I did SDQ myself when I tried setting my pistol on the table and it broke the 170, I'm a quick learner, didn't try that again. The TO didn't see it, however I did and called it on myself. Personally, I'll take my chances on holstering.

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Pistols have a funny habit of pivoting on the cylinder when they're placed on a flat surface and with not much mass, will turn right around and say hi. I've seen it with rifles on a hasty restaging and a slight table bump; no way I'm taking that chance with a pistol. I'm not opposed to others doing it (but beeeee careful) , it's just not for me. When I see folks doing it, it just screams "GAMER". :P For you non-subtle types, that's sarcasm, as in LOL, yuck-yuck and all that. Do what ya want, just be safe about it and don't cheat.

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