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Keith Carradine on The Duellists

Subdeacon Joe

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Fascinating film.  I bought the DVD several years ago and have watched it many times. 

The film was based on a short story of fiction by Joseph Conrad "The Duel" which, in turn was based on a true story, ie:

Real character: Pierre Dupont de l'Etang

Movie character: Armand d'Hubert

Actor: Keith Carradine

Real character: Francois Fournier-Sarloreze

Movie character: Gabriel Feraud

Actor: Harvey Keitel

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Great but little known film! Saw it in my teens and never forgot it.  It looked a lot more lavish/expensively made than what Carradine said was the actual budget. The fight sequences were amazing.  William Hobbs was a spectacular fight choreographer and one of the best I have ever seen. His filmography shows a number of famous films/fights that he did.  One thing I always liked about his work was that he built in 'fatigue'; combatants would get tired and worn out during the fight.  Also his use of props during a fight; chairs, candle stick holders, curtains; whatever.  Something I think would happen in real life as well, out of desperation.

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