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SOLD - Black powder 1860 Army shoulder stock

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First time posting so be “gentile”. Can’t find a manufacturer but it looks and works exactly like the shoulder stock in my 2nd gen cavalry set. I am offering at $325.00, shipped to the 48 states, can deal with postage costs if somewhere else. I can accept Zelle and Venmo, if you send me a USPS MO or cashiers check, I will send out as soon as I receive it. A personal check will have to clear. First I’ll take it listed here will start the process.  Send PM with info to buy so we don’t let out payment or address info. Think I got everything, any questions?  

thanks for looking. 

Nimble Fingers







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Can you confirm that it fits and works with the 2nd gen 1860 colt?  


I have one that might look good with the stock

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The set that I have for sale the pistols have studs( screws that stick out)that the stock fits on. 

IMG_7478.thumb.png.f863429f69f9c3f3510e9d0a72ca9582.pngyou can see the screw is not flush. 
not sure if this helps but that’s what the stock mounts on. 


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I will try it on one of the 2 I have tomorrow. Will also check it on the Walker and 2nd Dragoon Model, both 2nd gens as well. 

sorry it took so long, had to work late. Here it is attached to one of the pistols in my Calvary set, 2nd gen Colts.   As you can see, it fits like a glove and except for the serial # on the stock with the set, they look like twins.  I know I have had it attached to a 2nd gen Walker and a Colt Signature 1860, still have the Walker but traded the 1860 and a Colt case plus some $$ for a Colt Nickel plated .44-40 Buntline. 

If someone needs a picture with a Dragoon or a Walker let me know. 

Thanks for looking, first “I’ll take it” here wins. 






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Seems I might be a little high with the price, but the price to ship items has skyrocketed. Don’t need to sell it, but I can come to $300 shipped. If I don’t get any takers, so be it, I can wait. 
Thanks for looking. 

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PM on the way 

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