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Why didn't Henry...

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I haven’t seen one of these new revolvers. In pictures they remind me of the H&R and New England Firearms of the 80’s and 90’s. 

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Probably because the Schofield is too complicated to make without the prices being so high no one will buy one.


S&W certainly didn't think it was worthwhile to keep making their Schofields

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35 minutes ago, Smuteye John SASS#24774 said:

Breaktop actions are even more obsolete than the H&R layout that they chose.


At least they went with the swing out ones instead of the pull pin ones.

Funny story. Back in the early 90’s I was at an indoor range. There were two guys at the shooting lane a couple away from me. They were both fiddling with something as I passed them by on my way to my lane. 
I was getting set up when one of them asked me if I knew anything about revolvers. 
Long story short they both had brand new New England Firearms revolvers. They couldn’t figure out how to unlock the cylinders on their new guns. I pulled the ejector rods and pushed the cylinders out for them. 
They were so embarrassed. I told them not to sweat it. I also told them to find a different gun seller. These were their first revolvers. They had experience with semiautos so they had experience shooting. 

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