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Bundle of Pistols 9mm and 45 ACP

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Bundle of 4 pistols. 

2 9mm and 2 45acp with extra mag for each. 

$200 for each individual 


$700 for the bundle local pickup. 

add $100 for shipping from FFL. 




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9 hours ago, Jeb Stuart #65654 said:

Would be nice to know the maker.  They look like Hi-Point?

For that price I'm guessing that's what they are.

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On 6/20/2023 at 8:00 PM, Alpo said:

For that price I'm guessing that's what they are.


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Little sales pitch for the Hi Points.

Lifetime warranty on EVERY firearm for the life of the firearm.

Break it, bust it, find it in the woods - they will fix it or replace it.


True story:

Our little gunshop in Pahrump NV sold a LOT of their firearms.

One of our customers went out shooting with his Hi Point and after range time placed the gun back in the box and onto the hood of his truck.

Leaving the range - the box rode on the hood until it fell off onto the 65mph hwy - hitting the road AND being run over by his pickup AND then being hit again by his buddy following him.

Needless to say - this adventure in physics did no favors to the plastic frame and cast steel slide. They picked the majority of the pieces; dumped it in the box and came to the shop.

"My gun is defective" he exclaimed as he walked in and told us the story.

"They should fix it tho - it says lifetime warranty right here on the box", he says laughing.

As coincidental as it may be; our shops next door neighbor just happened to be the brother of the owner of Hi Point AND he happened to be in the shop.

"Send it back - they will fix it or replace it"

"No way; this was my stupidity - I'll just buy another"

"Send it back and see" - so we did.

Two weeks later; a box arrived from Hi Point - containing a brand new pistol with the SAME serial number with a couple extra magazines and a note apologizing for the customers inconvenience.

Now I am a gun snob of the nth degree - but this (and other instances) was better warranty attitude and customer service than I have seen from the BIG BOYS in the industry; including S&W, Ruger, Remington, Sig, Glock and many others.


And better than warranty - the silly things actually work pretty well; not going to convince anyone to give up their Kimbers or HK for a Hi Point; but for a truck gun, tackle box gun, knock around ugly but functional budget firearm - they cannot be beat.



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Way back I was a member of the hi point firearms forum before it got bought and went commercial several of us moved over to Universal shooting sports.


I got involved with hi points cause I wanted a 45 carbine that didn't cost as much as a used car. This was before the pcc craze and they had announced the 9mm carbine. 


When the 45 came out I got one.


Moe I previously posted on this thread about asking price. Hi points are decent for what they are. But you have posted that you intend to transport postolsbfor the purpose of sale across state lines. I know the fifth circuit is ruling on things but might wanna check to make sure you don't run afoul of the law.



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