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ATF Compliance check

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Well today I had my ATF compliance check. It's only the 2nd one I've had in the just over 10 years I've had my FFL (a big reason was due to Covid). This was kinda shocking to me as I'm also an SOT with full auto on hand. I was kind of nervous as there has been rumor that since the Biden error has began the ATF had been very tough on very small FFL dealers and finding any way to dock them for even minor errors. I'll tell you this rumor was 1000% incorrect in my experience. As a "gun guy" I'm no fan of the ATF however I've found the compliance side of the house to be nothing but a great and helpful group of people. The examiner who worked my area was very well liked but she's retiring. The new guy called me a little over a month ago and said we had to get it done as in up for another renewal and said "its been awhile". I told him I had been waiting for this call for months as I knew it was coming, but I asked if he could give me a little while as I was recovering from the cancer treatments. I told him we could do it if necessary but my chemo brain was not 100% yet. He said no problem,  left me his number,  and told me to call when I was ready but did say he really needed to get it done before the end of June. We'll in the past couple of weeks I got a few brain cells realigned and I got my books together. I  called him and we set up the day for today. When he arrived the first thing he asked was if i was feeling up to it and if not we could reschedule. He said my recovery was more important. Nice! He came in, went through my records, and said "everything looks great, keep doing what you're doing". He was super cool and when I told him I was kinda nervous he said guys like me were the only reason he had a job and was thankful for it. It was a good day. 



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5 hours ago, Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 said:

" the Biden error" .......... I like that :)

Should be plural. :D



Glad to hear the experience was positive John E. Law. :)



I went to an Outdoor & Sportsman’s Show here in WV in March. The ATF had a booth there. I stopped and talked with a lady at the booth. I got some pamphlets from them and mentioned that this was the first time I had seen ATF at a show like this. She said the ATF was doing a bit more community outreach. I asked if they planned to hit any of the local gun shows. She said “Probably not, but we have discussed it.”

I told her I wasn’t sure how they’d be received and she said the ATF attends shows, they just don’t set up tables. Then she gave me an ornery smile. I laughed and then I thanked her for the pamphlets. 
Anyone need the latest curio and relic book? I picked one up. Don’t need it. 

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