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Colt FS 1977 Cavalry Commemorative Set 1900.00

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1977 Cavalry Commemorative Set

2 1860 Colt Army BP Pistols

.44 Caliber

Shoulder Stock

Powder Flask

Bullet Mold

Screwdriver/Nipple Wrench Tool

Cap Container (empty)

2 Keys

Solid Walnut Case

1900.00 shipped to you no FFL needed 


First I’ll Take it here gets this fine set before I get crazy and shoot them. 

 Any questions just shoot me a PM


Thank you








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Not to but in, and I just making sure, that you won’t ship anything in the case. I had one Seller from eBay ship a 2nd Gen 1851 Navy with all the accessories in the case and the pistol moving during shipping broke half the dividers in the case. You probably are already aware of this, but I am erroring on the side of caution. I have a set and would cry if the case’s dividers were damaged. 

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My recommendation on the quality of these guns. They are very fine 2nd generation Colts and are first rate quality and finish wise.  I’ve had several of these and I confess to have shot several.  They shoot great.  I did put a set back for collection purposes but of all the percussion revolvers I’ve shot, my very favorite is one of these commemorative revolvers that I bought as an “orphan “.  In my humble option, you can’t go wrong with these.


Michael Lowe

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3 hours ago, Dakota Steele SASS# 34757 said:

I would definitely ship as safely as possible as not to damage any of the items. Maybe someone close would want it then no shipping would be involved. 

Of course, meant no offense, forewarned is forearmed. If I offended, my apologies. 

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They are indeed. Somebody needs to buy these. I shoot percussion Colts (and clone) a lot. My favorite shooters are these 2nd gen Cavalry commemoratives. Got a few. Love em.

You won’t regret it.

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