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US Teacher Appreciation Week

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36 minutes ago, Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 said:

Think of someone who might have helped yo develop into who you are today.


I could name a handful.

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Mrs Lively, 3rd grade, Waynesburg Elementary, North Ward School. 
Nearly every day I utilize something that lady taught me. I gave her such a hard time. I was a stubborn little kid. But she taught me anyway and I learned. 

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I married a teacher!

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- Mr. Pittman - Science/Biology

- Mr. Tsacrios - History (primarily history after 1850)

- Mrs. Baldwin - Arts

- Mr. Graham - Woodshop 

- Coach Brown - Baseball

- Mr. Schriner - Small engines


All of the above were actual teachers. I gave them all hell but, like Pat's teacher, taught me anyway. I use something that they taught me nearly every day.


Below are not teachers but all of the below taught me about my chosen profession - Electrician


- Rick Heller - Worked my first day in the electrical field with him in 1978 and ever since. Still a close friend to this day.

- Butch Messick - Taught me a lot about the commercial side of electrical work.

- Jim Nissley - Owner of an electrical company that I worked at for 30+ years. I absolutely hated the man as he was the greediest, most narcissistic person I've ever met. That aside he taught me about NEC, electrical estimating and the business side of the electrical field and how to NOT treat employees.




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Most of my teachers were good. Some excellent,  a few great.  There were only 3 real turds I can remember and those people were awful "teachers".


From K through 12, then college, the vast majority were what I'd hope still exist today.

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I would like to add a couple more.


Mr. Gernert - Middle School American History. 

Miss Meighan - High School

World History


I had a lot of good teachers, but the ones I named were Outstanding teachers. 

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My parents are at the top of the list. The others too numerous to single out. There have been some turds, but in the end, they turned out to be no more than speed bumps. I’ve been blessed with outstanding people in my life, and continue to be. 

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My wife and I were educated in "unwoke" ID and NY respectively.
We both have excellent educations and none of the mental illness that is pervasive in the schools today.

This AM I got to thinking... when parents surrender their child to somebody else to educate, those children receive somebody else's values.
Working the farm, or the corporate desk, this surrender is virtually a necessity.
Very few folks have the luxury of an educated stay-at-home Mom who can pass on her values to her children.

When I moved from ID to CA in '67 for the last two years of high school, the culture shock was dramatic.
For the last 60 years, leftist CA teachers have been instilling their values in our children.
These generations of students grow up to become more Leftist teachers.
Generations later, this really is now apparent.

I cannot understand why anybody would want to be a public school teacher today.
I've sat in classrooms and watching the mouthy, unruly little shits terrorize their teacher, with impunity.

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