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Pat Riot

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I hear you. Took the dog out this morning at 3:30 to pee, and it was down in the 40s. Thought I was going to freeze to death before I made it back inside.


When it's that cold, this early, winter might last all the way to mid January.

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2 hours ago, Alpo said:

I remember a soldier of Fortune article about that particular word, and how versatile it was. For the sake of decency, in the article the word was replaced with WORD. IE: word you, word it.


He told the story of a sergeant in charge of a machine gun crew, and their gun would not work. And finally the sergeant stood up and screamed, "WORD!



The author said that was the best example of the versatility of that particular word he had ever heard of.

My drill sergeant did one better with “the wording worder is wording worded up!”


Then there are the myriad of uses for the word that starts with S and rhymes with “hit.”

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13 hours ago, Pat Riot said:





And the fight was on!


Sam Sackett 

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