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Pat Riot

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1 hour ago, Pat Riot said:

Holy Cow, it just dawned on me why this car looked so familiar. 



It looks like (and may be) the Police Interceptor from “Mad Max”.




 ....... yep ...... and it wears a number plate issued in Victoria ..... -_-

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15 minutes ago, Eyesa Horg said:

Who's that peeing behind the tree?


Actually, that's not someone peeing on the tree. That's Kevin Cash, manager of the Tampa Bay Rays, looking the bats that went missing during the Rays' short two game AL wildcard series.;)

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7 minutes ago, Injun Ryder, SASS #36201L said:


I really hope that is not in an active seismic area!:wacko:


Or a hurricane prone area...or a flood prone area...or an area with high winds.


Other than the two obvious horizonal braces, I'm guessing there is one on the other side, there seems to be no other support. Looks like it would never stand up to much horizonal wind or flood stress...go over like dominoes.

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18 hours ago, Pat Riot said:



Guy I worked for did something very similar to a kids dirt bike. We had limb lines set in the creek catching catfish. First couple of days we did preetty good. Then we stopped catching fish and the bait would be missing from most of the lines.  Boss was  crossing the creek on foot to get the tractor and disk parked on the other side. Glanced up the creek and noticed a kid running our lines. When he got to the top of hte bank there was a nice dirt bike laying in the weeds. Well he started the tractor (a Big JD 5020) and on his way back to the crossing flatened the kids bike.

Kids dad showed up a few hours later mad as hell because Gene flattened the kids bike. Once Gene got a word in edgewise and said that the bike was payment all the fish the kid stole in addition to trespassing. His anger was soon focused on his son and soon left. Never saw the kid again but I bet he though long and hard before stealing someone else's fish.

Edited by Sedalia Dave
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