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Pat Riot

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2 hours ago, Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 said:


 ..... flood zone, if you look carefully you can see the highwater mark on the white walls, ....... this construction is obviously not high enough ......   :mellow:

Can't be a water line, it's not on the end!

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3 hours ago, DocWard said:


I despise peacocks. This would make me willing to find out if they taste like chicken.


Some say that peafowl do taste like chicken, or brine it and it tastes more like turkey.  Others say more like pheasant or wild turkey.  

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In Palos Verdes, CA they have peacocks all over the place. They make great guard animals as the squawk at anything out of the ordinary. Squawk isn’t the right word. It’s more like a really loud finger nail on chalkboard. 
The people there say the birds are natural security alarms…natural? The birds were imported 110 years ago from India. 
I had one come up behind me a shriek once when doing some wiring on a house. 
I couldn’t get the thing to quit following me and bleating out this loud call. I started to throw a hammer at it and some lady 100 yards away started screaming at me. They’re proud of their peacocks in PV. It seems they give the Mrs Kravitz’s something to do. She actually called the police and they came!

I was informed it was against the law to harm peacocks there. 
I informed them that they’re a menace and if that bird comes up behind me again and shrieks that I would kill it. 
They actually sent some man and woman to that house and they “herded” the peacock away all the while loudly telling me the history of peacocks in Palos Verdes. 
What a weird freakin’ place. 


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4 hours ago, DocWard said:


I despise peacocks. This would make me willing to find out if they taste like chicken.


They don't taste like chicken...they taste like (mildly) gamey turkey.


In 1978 or 79, I went to a "biker" Thanksgiving feast/party in north Clearwater, Fl. The owner had a large parcel of property with a large house, neglected orange groves and fields. They sold it years later and it was developed into an addition to On Top Of The World, a large group of condo's for 65+ retirees.


Anyway, there was, and still is, a bunch of peacocks in that area. The Thanksgiving dinner was great, everything you'd normally have a Thanksgiving plus keg beer. The "turkey" tasted a little gamey so I thought that they had gone hunting and harvested a bunch of turkeys. Wrong. When I asked about the "turkey", they said that they simply baited the peacocks and harvested them one by one until they had enough. It should have been obvious because they were giving away male peacock plumes when you got there, but I didn't think about it.


I never had peacock after that but I would again if it was presented as they tasted good and I detest peacocks also. They are very destructive birds, especially to vehicles but also to dwelling roofs, air conditioner condensers, windows and a myriad of other things. I also think that it is illegal to harm them in Pinellas Co, but I'm not sure...and I'm not telling if someone does.

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5 hours ago, DocWard said:


I despise peacocks. This would make me willing to find out if they taste like chicken.

A turkey did this to mine shortly after I got the car. I already had an appointment for paint correction and ceramic coating. The crew got almost all of it out, now I have to look to find evidence.




As to the taste of the turkey that did it (I was very tempted), I figured it would taste sweet, like revenge.

Edited by John Kloehr
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2 hours ago, Alpo said:

What's to get over? It's a hyena. The badasses gangster wannabes in Nigeria have them for pets, like gangsters around here got Rottweilers and pit bulls and all kinds of bad dogs.

Nigeria, pet hyena.jpg

Interesting. Thanks. I thought it was a dog breed or a mix of hyena and dog. 


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2 minutes ago, Pat Riot said:

It’s obvious these douchebags are counting a marker as 2 pieces. Marker and Cap. 






    ...... and the inner cardboard and the instruction pages ........  <_<

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I followed the school bus down the street one day. It stopped about every five or six houses. When I rode the bus, the bus stop was three blocks from the house. What happened to walking to the bus stop? Kids can't walk that far anymore?

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20 hours ago, Abilene Slim SASS 81783 said:

Appears to be a pressure cooker gone awry?

Naw.   Just a hothead letting’ off some steam. 

Sam Sackett 

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