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Pat Riot

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12 minutes ago, Alpo said:

When I first saw that picture, I thought he had a picture frame around his neck. Then I saw the broken pieces of door on the floor, and realize he had tried to come in through the doggie door. :lol:


"But I used to be able to do it Mom!"

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11 hours ago, Alpo said:

photo 1680401308582.png

You know you're in the South, when you just think "That's gonna be awfully hot..."

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Don't know if these really qualify as "funny". Had a big wind one night, and found this when we got to work the next day.


Hope they all had insurance. Of course, the insurance agencies would probably call it an act of God, and refuse to pay.


















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I just looked the numbers up of the two that I can see.


That Mooney - the white one with the orange stripe. Last time anything was done with that plane was 2005. I worked at that airport from 2000 to 07, so that's probably when those pictures were taken, so I'm guessing that it was totaled.


But the yellowish brown one, lying on its back - it's a Stinson, made in 1947, and they must HAVE fixED it because it's current airworthiness certificate is good until 2030.


Don't know about that one with the green stripe. Hard to get a tail number off a bird that ain't got no tail.

Edited by Alpo
damn otto, removing words again
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