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Pat Riot

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photo upside-down-flight.png


Someone's confused. OE is supposed to be Austria, not Australia. So why is the plane upside down?

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, Alpo said:

Aussie cooking?



photo upside-down.jpg


Turn them out  (yes, if you want to be pedantic you are turning it off of the back of the baking tin), carefully cut them apart, put a scoop of ice cream in the cups.  Or maybe fill them with pudding and whipped cream.


What it looks like is the dough spread more than expected. 





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Thanks Joe. I could not, for the life of me, figure out why in the world somebody would be cooking whatever that was - I didn't realize it was chocolate chip cookies - on the bottom of the pan. How can somebody be so stupid they didn't know that that was the wrong side.


Never occurred to me it was intentional.

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On 7/3/2024 at 9:54 PM, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

Why is there no horizon for reference?


Don't need it.  Zoom in and the trees are growing "up."  :)  image.thumb.png.2df2b01610db89aa22b1de0de3745132.png


And then there's the dude straddling the fuselage like Slim Pickens riding the bomb in "Dr Strangelove...."  :rolleyes:




And by the way... it's a glider ~ LET L-13 Blaník  


Danged insomnia....  :(

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1 hour ago, Gateway Kid SASS# 70038 Life said:

Someone’s grandma has a little time on their hands!


:FlagAm:  :FlagAm:  :FlagAm:

Gateway Kid



When grandma sends you winter camo:

During the Battle of the Bulge (Dec 1944), allied soldiers decorated their  helmets with lace curtains, after realizing it provided excellent camouflage  in the snow. [685x800] : r/HistoryPorn

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