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Pat Riot

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42 minutes ago, Pat Riot said:


The eyes are the same, but Jamie Lee has a longer face


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8 hours ago, Pat Riot said:



This happens all the time on my doorbell camera but not with frogs. In Florida, there are three types of small lizards that are commonly found...green anole (used to be a bunch of them), Cuban lizard (billions of them but they don't seem to come out at night) and what I call geckos (which are most commonly found at night).


There is a gecko that lives up in the soffet and seems to like hanging out on the db camera, I guess because it has a blue light that attracts bugs. He's not camera shy at all...but he doesn't try to sell me car insurance either.

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20 hours ago, Bad Bascomb, SASS # 47,494 said:




It's been my personal experience that nothing made in china is worth a damn. It's all cheaply and poorly made with no standards or quality control. Shame on those who patronize the chinamen after firing all their US workers.

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