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Pat Riot

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11 hours ago, Pat Riot said:

No, I had been involved in legal disputes with that agency representing that agency. They were and are corrupt. The stress and hassle just wouldn’t be worth it. 

Me, like an idiot, went back there in 2018 - 2022. They’re even worse now. 

The really sad thing is all the hard work me and others put in there was tossed aside. That organization has regressed 30 years. 
It’s a huge nest of entrenched stupid vipers. 

Unfortunately it's happening everywhere. :angry:

10 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:


Wow! A Home Depot house!

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11 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:


Trust me honey once the decking is on nobody's notice. And that roofing company wanted to charge 50k hah!

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Posted (edited)
12 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:


I can actually picture my father-in-law and 2 brothers-in-law doing this back when my FIL was still alive. A trio of idiots, for sure. Of course they would probably do this at night with flashlights so no one could see ‘em. :blink:


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Daily Pictures. Part 1 (74 pics)


Kitty, a woman and an anthill. What did you think?…Will Kitty react well to ants biting Kitty?





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Back in the late sixties, a small (very small) town nearby installed 5 or six new street lights that were controlled by sensors, e.g. they would turn on when it got dark and off when it got light enough.


Well, we would drive over to the town with a powerful (for that era) flashlight and drive around the town and "turn off" all of the street lights and make the town completely dark for a few minutes. :ph34r:

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2 hours ago, Loophole LaRue, SASS #51438 said:


Hmmm... I suspect a Photoshop.  Striping on skirt does not match the fanned portion in color or placement or width; I think the entire left edge of the "skirt" has been inserted.




1 hour ago, Abilene Slim SASS 81783 said:


I truly do not care. 

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