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New Price WTS non SASS pistol and ar15

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I have a Sig P320 compact 9mm with two slides.  One has night sights and the second a Romeo 1 red dot. It has 4/15 round magazines.  Two triggers, one flat and the original curved.  It has a Sig right handed holster, owners manual, trigger lock, and the Sig black box it came in.  $725 shipped to your FFl.  


I have a Rock River Arms AR 15 that has had approximately 590 rounds through it.  Comes with a hard case, soft case, sling and one thirty round magazine.  $850 which includes shipping to your FFl.



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New Price.
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Btt as nothing beats an Sig.  


I’ve always heard good things about Rock River.  Years ago during Obama and one of his attempts to ban the AR, a Rock River would sell for about $2,000.   Then when he failed they would fall in price.  I recall a fellow had paid the $2,000, but couldn’t pay the credit card bill for it and by then the price had fallen again and tried to sell it at the gun store who promptly told him the bad news and he was worried how he was going to pay the bill .  

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I have had several Rock Rivers over the years. Built several with various Rock River parts. I never had a problem.  Reached an age where I am thinning the herd and getting funds together for a 22  target rifle.  Seems like these days that is about all I shoot.  When it comes to pistols nothing fills my hands better than a Sig.

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