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Yup, about an hour east of me. His parts appear to scattered though. Scroll down to Burial at this link. As I recall from the referenced book, his head remains unaccounted for as it was part of someone’s collection, or so claimed. 


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might not have the bad rep if the jayhawkers hadnt been who they were , there is plenty of blame and fame to go around related to the times , ive often wondered if this fame might have been different if the south had won the war , in their minds they were protecting their homes and way of life , sice my family was on that side back then i have a little trouble with villainizing this side - or either side for that matter , 


we dont live in that era , we dont really understand , we get what we read and what history has recorded of it , much like the depression era - no one can really understand unless you lived it ........we might get just that soon tho , 

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