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Important Research Ignored

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How could this have been overlooked?




"The first attempted description of hemiclitores in lizards and snakes dates all the way back to 1886, when they were described as little more than “shallow invaginations” on the reptiles. Decades of silence followed, even as biologists continued to pontificate on the significance of hemipenes in male lizards and snakes, closely related reptiles collectively called squamates. A 2014 review of studies focused on animal genitals, for example, found that researchers focused on male genital anatomy alone in more than half of the sample studies between 1989 and 2013, with less than 20 percent considered female genital anatomy alone during the same period. Even more recently, less than a decade ago, biologists continued to insist that the hemiclitores of female lizards and snakes served little to no function, just as experts on human anatomy long ignored the clitoris and assumed that whatever biological relevance it has is secondary to cisgender men’s anatomy. As University of Adelaide biologist Megan Folwell and colleagues noted in an Integrative and Comparative Biology paper last year, however, the anatomy and behavior of male snakes is only half the story—if even that. "




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Imagine going through life explaining how you got your doctorate and that your thesis was on snake clitorises and reptile vaginas. 
Doctoral Thesis Title:

“How the cold blooded have hot sex?”

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I was just skimming that article that Joe posted, when I get down near the bottom and I see the phrase "cis-gendered men".


That's when I realized that the article had been written by a total flipping moron, and I was so glad that I had not actually read it.

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Haven't seen those terms since a reptile class at Texas Tech where one task was to prepare museum specimens.  Asthe hemipenes is of taxonomic importance the organ was everted so that, presumably, a taxonomist could examine them at later dates.   There, I confessed.

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So now female snakes and lizards will feel empowered, probably get to vote, break glass ceilings, etc.


I kinda feel sorry for the males.

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