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Guns and gear for sale, delivery at Ides of March

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Rode the trail for 15 years plus, fun with great Pards, but Iv’e moved on.

Have some great gear to be sold, all are bulky and need FTF.
Will be at Ides of March on March 16 from 8 AM to 11 AM for delivery.


The below gear is available and priced to sell.


4 gun cart, 20” oak spoke wheels with steel/ rubber rims, 2 oak plow handles, Winchester ammo box. $150. SPF to Waimea


1885 Winchester High Wall, 45-70 by Davide Pedersoli with double set trigger. Includes 4 lbs of Swiss 1.5F, a lot of brass and swaged bullets. $2,500.


Charles Daly 12 ga double 18” barrels with double triggers, action work by Rough Neck Rod. $600. Same as Browning BSS except for triggers. $600. (Miroku deleted)


Rossi 1892, 44 mag with mid range tang sight, Steve’s Gunz action work $600.

Winchester 1894, 30-30 with brass and dies. $500. corrected from 1892 to 1894. SPF to Preacherman.


Batwing chaps, light brown hair on, adjustable waist from 40” to 54”. $100


Please PM for photos and any questions.
1st “I’ll take it” gets a confirming email and “SPF” with instructions for payment and delivery.



Amarillo Rattler






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39 minutes ago, Preacherman said:

PM on 30-30

Sold pending funds!

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Howdy Rattler 

I'll second what Sun said. We sure miss you on the range.


I'll take the guncart.

See ya at the Ides.



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Up again for a great pard! And thanks for working with me on the '94!

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In case you didn't see it before


I'll take the gun cart.


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Yea, and the '94 is mine too! I'll take it! See you at the Ides.

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