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Origins of Red Shirt Fridays?

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It’s been fun seeing pictures from EOT and so many different shooters costuming. It’s pretty amazing to see how many pards were wearing red shirts on Friday. I know that people wear red shirts on fridays of multi-day matches that I’ve attended. 
Does anyone know the origins of the “red shirt Friday”?  Did this start at a specific event to honor a specific purpose or is it just something that started a long time ago and most people now do? 
thanks in advance


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Back in the day, red shirts were worn on the second of the match after stabbing your finger on the trigger on the rifle trigger on the first day. Opponents wouldn't know you were wounded when you busted it open again on the second day.


It's true! Look it up.


Disclaimer, above post in jest.

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IIRC it was started at Winter Range about 15 years ago. Wounded Warriors were part of the celebration and that was a tadition of theirs to honor our wounded vets.

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Back in the 90's I coordinated, or coerced, Tucson shooters to wear red shirts on Saturdays when we traveled out of town for matches including EOT and WR.  Then it kind of expanded to Arizona shooters.  In the mid 2000's when we didn't have as many travelers, kind of died out and then the red shirt Friday thing picked up.  Don't know who started that.

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Here are some links to the origin, sort of, of RED Shirt Friday.


Red Shirt Friday (veteran.com)

This Is How 'RED Friday' Became a Thing and Why It Still Matters Today | Military.com


Seems RED stands for Remember Everyone Deployed


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