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Saw A Real Hero Today

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I saw a real hero today, although I don't think she views herself as one.


I walked out of Target this afternoon when I came across a young mother and her daughter in the parking lot.  The little girl couldn't have been more than 6.  She had some spunk and was bouncing around like any excited little girl does, except she was a little different.  I noticed her gait was not quite the same as a child her age.  She was wearing shorts and you could clearly see she had a prosthetic leg from the thigh down.  Her mother opened the back door of their SUV and she happily said, "I've got this mommie" and climbed into the back seat, then hopped up into her booster seat.  She has apparently been doing this for a while.  Her mother buckled her in, patted her on the head and closed her safely in.  


No that little one doesn't wear a cape or have super powers but she's a hero in my book.  To be handed a rough hand in the card game of life and still be able to bounce around as though nothing were different takes more guts than many adults I know.


God bless that little girl and I wish her only the best for the rest of her life.  She could be a real example to a number of folks on how to handle themselves with grace and spunk when adversity strikes.

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Darn!  What a time for my hay fever to cut in just as I finished reading the op.  Had to go get my hankerchief. 


A brave little girl AND mother.  


Dr. O. R. Vet



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amen to that thought , i have a friend that had an accident at 14 , he is a quad -in a chair , ive known him for years , long enough to say there is nothing he sets his mind to that he cant do , he does motivational speaking that includes demonstrations of his archery skills - he is a multiple Olympic participant with a couple medals to show for it , so i do understand where your coming from here ..........every time i get a bit down on the turns my life takes , i look to my friend and realize we all got it better than we know , im bless4ed to have him in my life , he keeps me humble and sane 

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On 3/1/2023 at 8:41 PM, J-BAR #18287 said:

...and bless her mom for encouraging independence...


Absolutely!!!  I'm willing to bet there won't be anything that little one can't do when she grows up.

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So is the hero the little girl, or the mother?


I know this guy. He was born with no fingers on his left hand. Just a thumb. Now he can open and close his hand - the bone that would be the support for his left little finger will reach over and work with his thumb to allow him to grab something. Never appeared to have any trouble using a fielder's glove when he played Little League. His parents never told him he was handicapped, so he never thought he was. And he's not.


Based solely on the original post, it appears to me that Mama never told that little girl she was crippled, so the little girl doesn't think she is. Sounds like she's treating the lack of a leg like some other kid treats wearing thick glasses in the first grade. It just is.


Just sounds to me like the parents are the hero in that story. They are treating their kids like a normal kid, which is what makes their kid be a normal kid.

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