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Finally got our steel more 'bang & clang'

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Finally got our steel more 'bang & clang' on at least one range so far. We bought and had cut AR500 steel and its heavy arsed stuff, we maybe overdone it by going for 12mm thick.....but anyway hopefully they last a long time.

We most definitely overengineered the stands the way the plates attached as it was really hard for the spotters to make calls. Anyway a working bee later we used them on Sunday and now it's much much easier for the spotters to call....they clang really good and you can see the hits move the steel a bit.

Now to do the rest!


P.s we don't have anything against the French....well not much anyway :) 



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Ah, so you went with 12mm thick so your Cowboys and Cowgirls can shoot real Cowboy loads and not have a bunch of mouse fart shooting hand wringers fretting over target damage? That’s wonderful! :D



Yes, that was meant as a jibe at some of our USA contingent. :P

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You'll likely never wear those out with SASS loads.  Most clubs here go with 9.5mm (3/8) thick AR500 steel.


Over a few years the 6.35mm (1/4") AR500 steel will warp if the over all size is greater than 250 X 250 mm (10X10") even with SASS loads. 

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