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Ruger new single six spring replacement

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I have a set of Ruger new single six revolvers in 22/22 mag that have pretty stiff trigger and hammer springs, so stiff that kids have some issues with cocking the hammers especially when trying a dualist draw, Wolff makes a set of reduced hammer and trigger spring sets and I was wondering if any of you had used them on the 22 cal guns, they work great on the vaqueros but no one I know has tried them on the single six revolvers

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The problem with 22's is that it takes more hammer strike to set them off than your standard centerfire primer.  They need a strong hammer spring to be reliable.   You can smooth the action and lighten the springs a little but your limiter is the 22 caliber round.  

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Wolff springs work fine on single sixes and wrangler.  Use a 19 pound, or 21 pound spring.  Test it with a 22 you took apart and dumped the powder.  
polish the spur some and the sides of the hammer and frame.  
it’ll do them wonders.  
I’ve done 2 single sixes and 3 wranglers of mine. 

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Thanks Ed, I was wondering about the hammer spring weight, I was going to use the 40oz trigger spring but the hammer was the big question

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