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can I start as a German tourist on End of Trails?

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Hello dear friends in USA.
Can you participate in the end of trail as a tourist? A friend and I are planning to do it in 2024. And one more question, is it possible to borrow or rent the guns? I think it's too complicated to take our toys on the plane.

Best regards from Bavaria

Stefan "Forest Gun"

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I would contact Shotgun Boogie.  He and several other German shooters have made many trips to the U.S.  Boogie now lives in the U.S. and operates a gun tuning store.  He lives only a few miles from where EOT takes place.



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Speaking as an Australian I would suggest that taking guns IN to the USA is not terribly complicated.  If it is the German end that is a problem then that is entirely different!  It is awfully nice to have your OWN guns at such a match so i would recommend it unless it was truly difficult.

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Having flown with guns and ammo to Germany from the USA in 2017, it is not very difficult and actually was quite easy.

Shotgun Boogie can explain in detail, but I can say even leaving Germany was very easy, just having to show your guns in a suitable locked bag to the police on duty at the airport. They were not overly concerned and only had a quick peep at ours an off we went to check in.

Coming into USA you have to have the necessary form for non immigrant aliens which can be downloaded from the ATF website.

Pretty easy and you have your own guns.

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