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Lockheed YO-3A Quiet Star

Charlie T Waite

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his tiny aircraft is the Lockheed YO-3 Quiet Star. The YO-3A operated silently at 1,000 feet, or lower, depending on terrestrial background noise. Some pilots were known to have gone unobserved over the enemy at 200 feet. Occasionally, daylight flights were made over the rivers. Crew chiefs would monitor the YO-3A flying over the maintenance section prior to deployment, listening for rattles, whistles or other noises. The propeller, even at 500 feet over the maintenance area, made only a light flutter, heard just as it approached. This was followed by a light rushing of wind over the wings. There was no audible sound once the aircraft had passed over. If any abnormal noises were heard, the aircraft returned to the runway, where duct tape and other measures were employed to quiet noticeable sounds.  Read More @ Museum Of Flight


A Lockheed YO-3A taken at Arlington, WA in 1980A NASA Lockheed YO-3A at Moffett Field in 1985


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