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78 Years Ago Today - 2/23/1945 An American Flag Was Raised.

Cypress Sun

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78 years ago on a small island called Iwo Jima, a flag was raised that inspired the American troops and sailors fighting for the island. The iconic picture from the raising of the flag gave hope to millions of American civilians that the war against the Japanese was being won and coming to a close. It would be seven more bloody months before the war was finally won and over.


Flag raisers from right to left and date of death. May you all Rest in Peace. :FlagAm:


Ira Hayes 1/24/55

Harold Schultz 5/16/95

Michael Strank 3/1/45 (Killed in action on Iwo Jima)

Franklin Sousley 3/21/45 (Killed in action on Iwo Jima)

Harold Keller 3/13/79

Harlon Block 3/1/45 (Killed in action on Iwo Jima)



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A while back going through my mothers old things I found an Old newspaper clipping..Obituary of Ira Hayes.


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Not from My trip but Video of a Iwo Trip . I was lucky enough to know many Men from The Pacific Marines. LT Gen Snowden , "Pappy Boyington VMF 214 , Jack Lucas MOH , Code Talker Peter McDonald , Cpl Gustad , and even A known name from the Gun Parts and local  Jack First (mentioned By name in Flags Of Our Fathers ) 
 We also most MOH John Basilone on the First day 



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