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0818-0820 2023 SASS Illinois State Championship

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Illowa Irregulars are proud to be hosting our second Illinois State Championship match, scheduled from August 18-20, 2023: Three days of cowboy action shooting fun, an optional Saturday evening Riverboat dinner cruise on the Mississippi River, and introducing the State Record Stage which we will use to crown Illinois and Club Record Holders for the first time anywhere.


Registration:  We are now offering two ways to register – our traditional printed/mailed paper form AND our new online form. 

  1. The traditional PAPER-BASED REGISTRATION FORM , or

You can also find links to both forms on our website’s Registration page.   


Illowa Irregulars are conveniently located near the juncture of Interstates 80 and 74, along the Mississippi River which flows along the borders of Illinois and Iowa.  Whether you're coming from the East, West, North or South, we're easy to get to.  There are plenty of hotels and restaurants very close to our range.  To learn more about our Host Hotel, the Celebration Belle Dinner Cruise or our On-site Camping, open the attached form or click on the following links:  Host HotelCelebration Belle Riverboat Dinner CruiseOn-site Camping.  


NEW AWARD:  As we mentioned above, we are introducing a new award at the Illinois State Championship – the Illinois State Standard Stage Record Holder award.  To the best of our knowledge, this award is unique to Illinois.  The Record Holder Award goes to the Illinois cowboy/cowgirl that shoots the Illinois Record Stage the fastest in each category.  If you’re not from Illinois, you won’t be left out.  Out of state shooters can set the Illowa Irregulars’ Club Record if they shoot the stage the fastest.  Both sets of winners will receive a pin commemorating their feat, and we will publish the names of all record holders on our website.  Each shooter will hold the record until another shooter bests their time (shooting the identical stage) at a future match.  Suffice it to say there will be a lot of cowboys and cowgirls returning home holding the Illinois State or Illowa Irregulars' Club Record for having shot the Illinois Record Stage the fastest in their category.  Will you be one of them?  We discuss the new award briefly in the video, and plan to post a more detailed video sometime after the first of the year.  


Click here for more information on the State Record Holder award or click on the video link below to watch a video explaining the State Record Stage, how we designed it, and how you can get a copy of the stage layout so you can shoot it at your club.   






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