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WTT .45-70 ammo for brass

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I have two full (20 round) boxes of Hornady LEVERevolution Rifle Ammo - .45-70 Government Caliber - 325 Grain FTX that my shoulder doesn't want to shoot anymore.  It sells everywhere (that has it in stock) for $50/box, that is, $2.50 a round. Here's what Hornady says:


Hornady® LEVERevolution™ Rifle Ammo allows hunters to achieve maximum trajectory in lever-action rifles and carbines using Hornady FTX® Bullets that feature a pointed Flex Tip® that is safe to use in tubular magazines. These aerodynamic bullets dramatically extend the range of cartridges normally loaded with round- or flat-nosed bullets. Upon impact, the Flex Tip compresses into the bullet, initiating devastating expansion across a wide range of velocities. Hornady's InterLock® ring design keeps core and jacket together to ensure maximum weight retention for deep penetration. Hornady LEVERevolution is premium Rifle Ammo for use in all types of firearms, including single-shot pistols and rifles, and of course lever-actions.

  • Maximum trajectory in lever-action rifles
  • Safe to use in tubular magazines
  • Deliver devastating expansion
  • Great weight retention for deep penetration

NOTE: LEVERevolution's revolutionary new bullet design may require a newer magazine follower to provide best possible functioning of the last round out of the magazine.


I'd like to trade the two boxes (40 rounds) for 80 .45-70 brass cases -- clean or dirty, spent primers in or deprimed, doesn't matter, as long as the cases are not shot out or damaged or corroded.  Starline cases (when you can find them) sell for $1.25 a piece at most retail outlets, so the trade would be "even-steven" -- you send me the brass, I'll send you the ammo.  You get the ammo PLUS you'll still have the 40 Hornady brass cases.  I'd rather not pull and ruin the FTX projectiles, nor dump the unknown powder, if someone can use it.

Thanks for reading.


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The problem with the Hornady ammo is that they trim the 45-70 brass to under minimum specification.   Makes for some odd-ball length ammo when reloading it.  Found this out the hard way after buying some when it first came out.  Maybe this has changed, but don't think so because those long-pointed bullets require brass trimmed for the COL length of 45-70.  

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That may well be true, but for the applications I'm loading for, it doesn't make any practical difference -- they all shoot "minute of steel plate" accurate at Plainsman distances.  Cartridge OAL is still fine, too; I just seat the bullet and set the crimp appropriately.  Plus, the cases grow over repeated shooting, so they will improve with age, like fine wine.


Did I mention that pigs HATE this Hornady ammo?  Whether you blow their brains out with an ear shot, or shatter the shoulders and/or spine with a high body shot, or utterly destroy the heart and lungs with a well-placed shot, it is devastating.

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I had the same problem with Hornady LEVERevolution ammo. In fact, I contacted Hornady and said they are not AMSI standard. They should be called something else. It's like Blackout and Whisper or .223 and NATO. They did not agree but they will be too short to reload. 

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