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FS Brass - 9 mm and 45 ACP, 444 Marlin, brass left

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Up for consideration is various bullets and brass. Updated 3-24-23


9mm, brass mixed headstamp per 1000, $30 plus shipping Have 2000 left

.45 ACP, brass MIL mixed headstamp, per 500, $30 plus shipping Have 1000 left


.444 Marlin brass, Remington, new, 250 pieces left, $100 shipped 



If you see anything that you would like to make an offer on, please let me know


If you are interested, please reply here, and PM me. If you have any concerns or questions, you may also call me at eight three zero, three seven zero, three five five five.


Email is lonestarhoss50131@yahoo.com


I originally started a thread in October last year, but with all the replies, I have condensed what I started with, and am going to let the original post fade away into the sunset


 I’m getting down to the end, and would like to get rid of everything. I can keep the 9 and.45 ACP for personal loading. I also have some storage cans left over, and would be willing to let some go without having to ship them. 

6”x 12”x 7 1/2’ for $15, have 6

6”x 12”x 13” for$20, have 3

6”x 12”x16”, for $20, have 2

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Those .44 240 grain JHP bullets... what brand are they?

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Pm box is full it says

Let me know $ shipped on 

All .40 bullets


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Just for future reference, it is legal an individual to ship primed brass. It ships with the same rules as loaded ammo. HazMat symbol thru a UPS Hub. Just thought you'd like to know.;)

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After conferring with my ATF agent, I don’t want to get into a grey area. There are several different things to consider, and I really don’t want to show up on someone’s radar. When in doubt, ask, and  I did.


Thanks for your input.



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Updating for probably the last time. All that is left are 9mm, 45ACP, and 444 Marlin, along with some metal Ammo cans, those would be local pick up only.


Thanks for all the interest and I hope that everyone makes good with the components that you purchased.


Take Care Pards



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