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Congratulations - 2023 Hall Of Fame Inductee's

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I saw in the latest eMail blast from SASS that they have announced the 2023 Hall Of Fame Inductees.  Congratulations to them all and a HUGE THANK YOU for all that they have done, and continue to do, for SASS and our Sport!
2023 Hall of Fame Inductees
  • Santa Fe River Stan, SASS #36999
  • Captain George Baylor, SASS #24287
  • Misty Moonshine, SASS #83232
  • Dillon Precision Products
It goes without saying that Misty Moonshine, SASS #83232, deserves to be in the Hall of Fame for all of her efforts keeping this ship afloat and moving forward.  It's been a rough ride at times, but I see smoother sailing ahead.  I personally witnessed her in action at a few of the conventions (back when those were a thing :P , I still miss them by the way...) and I can say that we are lucky to have her at the helm.  Congratulations Misty Moonshine!
As to Captain George Baylor, SASS #24287, well what can you say that he hasn't already said, done, and written about.  I have been reading his articles in the Chronicle since I got started back in 2002 (damn, I still miss that old monthly news paper Chronicle!) and I even took a few classes from him at some of the Conventions.  I have always enjoyed reading his writings, especially some of his travel adventures, and I learned a few things from him over the years.  Congratulations Captain George Baylor!
Dillon Precision Products, if you don't have one (or more) on your loading bench, I have no doubt there is at least one on your Christmas list.  I would bet that more Cowboy Ammo has been loaded on their presses than probably all of the others combined!  They have supported our Cowboy Action Shooting for as long as I can remember and I have never had a bad interaction with them.  Great Products, Great Service, and Great People!  Congratulations Dillon Precision Products!
And last, but definitely not least, Santa Fe River Stan, SASS #36999.  A finer Cowboy you will never meet, whether it be as a Match Director, Range Officer, Timer Operator, Rules Guru, or as he likes to say these days "I'm Just A Shooter".  His dedication and commitment to the Cowboy Way and SASS, his efforts to expand Cowboy Action Shooting in Florida and the South East, and now in his position as one of the SASS Advisory Board members, his efforts have without a doubt earned him his slot in the Hall of Fame.  Congratulation Santa Fe River Stan!  (Wish it had been in 2022 so I could have witnessed the induction at the Awards Ceremony at Land Run!)
Congratulations to All The Inductees!  Well Earned and Well Deserved!
Dogmeat Dad and Holli Docaday
Edited by Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L
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Congratulations Hall of Famers. Thank you for all you do for our sport.

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