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Bags for sale -- All Sold -- Thanks

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All Sold--Thanks


Good evening folks:

In cleaning out the reloading area, I came upon a bunch of bags that I've collected over the years.

I've kept some for use, but thought some folks might be able to use these

All prices do not include shipping.

1.  6 rather large bags including 3 Bank bags with ties (1 is very faded), 1 I got from my pard Shorty Jenkins -- it has a carrying strap, and 2 plain rectangular bags, also with carrying straps.  $10 plus shipping (send zip).


2.  6 Shot bags -- They probably should be laundered before use.  $3 plus shipping (send zip).


Looks like the wells Fargo & Tombstone bags and all the shot bags are sold.

Howabout $10 shipped for the remaining 4 large bags?

Let me know




That'll pay for my gas to my next shoot!




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In all of the recent "Guests" trying to scam people, either by buying or selling, I thought the below statement necessary.


Grey Ghost is a great pard to do business with. I have had several transactions with him as the buyer and me as the seller. Just because he is registered as "Guest", don't think of him as a possible scammer...he's not. I'd buy or sell to him in a heartbeat.

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