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Clubs: number of member and average number of Cowfolks at shoots

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We're in midst of our annual membership drive and question came up from our membership:


1. about what is your club membership, year to year?


2. what is average attendance at your match, give or take?


turns out SASS HQ doesn't have any info on club sizes


Just want to get a feel for sizes and attendance of other clubs 


Thunder River usually has 100 ± members and runs 30-40 shooters per match (we have two on separate Saturday's of each month)





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I got to 5 different clubs, they vary in attendance from 20-60. Membership is hard to calculate since there's members that overlap and belong to the same clubs. I belong to 5. Hope that helps.

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We have about a dozen core members who are at the working level in the club. 
we have 15-30 people at a match. 

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20190214_121611.thumb.jpg.d76c8ab056df26e413c5e0322adc806c.jpgOur central CA club normally has about 70-80 paid members. About 1/3 -1/2 of them participate in monthly matches.  Match attendance is heavily weather dependent. 


Our shooters can choose to shoot on Saturday, Sunday or both days (separate matches held the same weekend)   Different shooters prefer different days, so attendance on any individual day is probably less than if we shot only one match.  We normally see about 18-25 shooters on Saturday and about 20-30 on Sunday.  Our match fees are $15 per match (per day) for members, $20 for non members. 


I hope that is helpful. 


Added:  Our range is a 8-Bay ghost town setting, so I think ideally we would like to be able to run 3 posses each match day-- say 40-45 shooters.  

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I shoot Monthly matches in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and North Carolina as schedule permits. West Virginia is always less than 10 where I shoot. Kentucky around 15 , North Carolina around 20 and Ohio around 30. I’ve met some great people at all.

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