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Alright, what is it called.....

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......and where can I get the metal frame gadget that we used to shape the top of our eight sided Marine utility covers?


Be warned: when you get old this kind of question can get you committed by your kids or people who just don't understand.

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9 minutes ago, PowderRiverCowboy said:



Started as using the Army HBT hat , Marines however had the 8 points rotated so that they could add the EGA,   its stayed since then 



That's what I've been able to find. 

But that Army hat stays round(ish) whereas the USMC cover is blocked so the the octagonal aspect is a defining characteristic.  I will say that it looks sharper than the Army version.


I remember back in the '60s talking with one of the neighbors as he blocked and starched his cover.  So stiff it could almost double as a hardhat.

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Alright, what is it called.....



 I'll bet that over the years it's been called lots of things ........


     ........ almost all of them unprintable and impolite .......   :o




       .............. and sometimes inappropriate .............   :blush:






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left out an important bit ....
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