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So it got tough to breathe....

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Breathing got tough last week.  Thought at first it was just a bad cold.  My M.D. sent me to the ER for scans; turns out I had multiple pulmonary emboli in both lungs.  Drugs (Heparin) made things right again.  I'm 95% and home again.  Second time this has happened in a little over a year.  I could do without this scary stuff.



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Getting old ain't for wimps. Get going on that last 5%.

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Have you had a COVID booster recently?  There is data even the CDC acknowledges that there is significant risk for male senior citizens to develop DVT's, PE's or strokes.  That is why won't get another COVID booster after the 1st one in Feb 2022.  In March 2016 I had CAVG surgery & I had two complications; blockage in small intestines & 6 PE's in right lung.  The PE's happened 2 days after discharge after surgery.  The symptoms were similar to yours.  The breathing difficulty was I could only take a shallow breath then cough.  The ER before a CT was done put me on Morphine & Heparin drip.  The Morphine stopped to cough so I could breath normally.  16 hrs after I was admitted two nurses rushed into my room to change the Heparin bag to saline.  A blood test showed my platelets had dripped from >160 to 80.  It took 8 days for my platelets to reach 160 & Arogatroban to dissolve the PE's and another 3 to get to a therapeutic dose of Warfarin.  I had developed an allergy to Heparin in  the 3 weeks from my 1st exposure during an angiogram.  Obviously I didn't have the allergy when I was exposed during the surgery & recovery.  I was on Warfarin for the next 18 mo's after bugging KP doctors to get me off the stuff.  Since then when I have any procedure or injury that may cause clots my medical providers have proscribed Plavix as a propholactic.

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BTDT LL, twice , put in ICU both times. You are in my prayers.

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