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The Trace is a newsletter backed by Michael Bloomberg (yes, THAT Michael Bloomberg) who's sole topic is to regulate the living daylights out of private gun ownership. They have some of the most bizarre ideas on what is best for us common slobs. This is where your catch phrases like "gun-sense" and "common sense gun laws" were born.

They have a weekly news letter and anyone can subscribe. Before you do some chest puffing and proclaim, "That'll be the day I read their BS," stop for a minute. They are winning, especially with the current roster of elected politicians. They are so cocky, they are putting their playbook online for you to read! Close the ego and open the mind. The best defense is a good offense, and here is the other side's goals and objectives. On the proverbial silver platter. Pass it along to other shooters as well. Sign up for the newsletter.







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I sign up for all the free stuff that I can get physically mailed to me by the opposition. I feel that everything that costs them a buck, means they have one less buck to spend on something that I detest more!

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