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Southeast Open Magnificent Seven

Captain Bill Burt

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The Southeast Open Magnificent Seven

7 Matches, 79 Days, 


Sponsored by Ides of March, The Bushwhack, Shootout in the Hills, Shootout at Cavern Cove, Stampede at South River, Smokin Guns at Rabbit Ridge, The Regulator's Reckoning, Kitty's Kloset, Buffalo's Wild West, Klassic Laser Works and the lovely - Bullets by Scarlett!


Kick off Florida Ides of March 16-19th 



South Carolina The Bushwhack April 6-8th.



Kentucky Shootout in the Hills April 27-29th



Alabama Shootout at Cavern Cove May 4-6th.



Georgia Stampede at South River May 18th - 20th.



Mississippi Smokin Guns at Rabbit Ridge May 26th-28th



Final Match The Reckoning in Tennessee June 1-3rd.



  1. Rank Points for best three matches.  We will use overall rank points for Mag 7 participants.  We will not rank within a match by category or include non Mag 7 participants in ranking.  Lowest total overall rank points for each Mag 7 category is the winner.

  2. Automatically drop highest points for any matches attended beyond three, more matches attended equates to a better chance of winning a buckle

  3. To be eligible for awards based on shooting style/propellent all matches must be shot in the same category.

  4. Kickoff is Florida State, Awards at Tennessee State, prizes at every match.

  5. Entry fee $20

  6. Any remaining funds after the cost of awards will be used to purchase prizes from sponsoring vendors. 

  7. Each state match shot earns one prize entry so more matches attended increases the chance of a prize.


Awards are first place only!

Top Shooter, Top Lady, Gunfighter, Duelist, Silver Senior, Ladies Silver Senior, Frontier Cartridge, Male and Female Young Guns (peewee buckles).


Depending upon interest we'll add additional 1st place buckles.


Clean match pins (clean for all three qualifying matches)

Magnificent 7 participant pin

I Shot All Seven pin




If you would like to shoot a category that isn't listed, please write it in on the app.  If I get enough interest in a category to cover a buckle we'll add it (approximately 5 entries).  For those already registered, I know pretty much all of you personally, so if a category opens up that I think you might be interested in changing to I'll contact you.  

Magnificent Seven (3).pdf

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Who's coming. 59!


Badlands Bob 

Iron Cowboy

Captain Bill Burt

Shootin Sharyn 

Palmetto Traveler


Fox Creek Stitcher

Uncle Ethan

Cahawba Kid

Fast Eddie


Bogus Jim


Saphire Rose


Max Payne

Ophelia Payne

Tennessee Williams

Mister Badly

Diamond Jake

Randy Saint Eagle


Tennessee Tombstone

Whiskey Creek Johnson

Lucky Lead Pepper 


Chickie Winsome

High Cotton Kitty 

Iron Maiden 


Cat A Tonic 

Scarlett Darlin

Pale Ale Rider

Big Country


Cottonmouth Cole


Hurricane Charlie

Slow Jen

English Tom

Jimmy Gunfighter


Lethal Lizzie

Kid Flash

Midwest Hale

Arcadia Outlaw

Krazy Kajun

Bo Dacious


Shagbark Steve

Cassalong Hopidy


Runs with Scissors



Pecos Pete

Tyrel Cody

Midnight Rider

Santa Fe River Stan

Johnny Angel


Open/Cowboy 18

Lady Open/Cowgirl 7

Gunfighter 6

Outlaw 5

Frontier Cartridge 6

Duelist 6

Silver Senior 3

Cattle Baron 3

Lady Gunfighter 2

Junior Boy/Girl 2

Lady Silver Senior 1


I started a new thread now that I've solidified the rules and dates.  Please ignore the old thread so we don't have any confusion on how things will work.

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Add Iron Maiden, I have her and Whiskey Creeks money, just need to get it to CBB

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11 hours ago, Copperhead Joe, SASS # 39162 said:

Cat A Tonic and Copperhead Joe will be sending our information in tomorrow! We’re glad to have Shootout in the Hills, the Kentucky State Match, involved. We think it is a great idea!!

Thanks so much Joe!  I wish I could take credit, but 99% of this is me using other folk's ideas!


The registrations are starting to come in.  If you've let me know you're participating thank you!  If you haven't yet registered please do.  I've got the buckles designed, other than the center piece and I'm still cogitating on that (suggestions are welcome).  The pins are also designed.  I'm tracking categories and if we get 5 people registered we'll add a buckle for that category.  I'll keep the who's coming and what category they're in updated so everyone will have an idea where we are. 


Just a reminder, buckles are for first place only, but all participants will get a very nice pin and we'll have clean pins as well for those who can shoot three clean!

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  • 2 weeks later...

We've picked up another sponsor with Taz and Single Rose from Klassic Lazer Works.  I think we may end up with the value of the prizes we're going to be able to give away exceeded the total amount we'll be collecting for participating!


I have also been notified we'll be getting quite a few new registrants this week.  I'll update once I know who and what categories they're registering for.

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Good morning SASS people.  The cutoff for registration is the Ides of March, BUT the cutoff to determine categories is February 15th.  You can register after that, but the final categories will be determined by how many registered shooters we have in each category on the 15th as that's when I intend to order buckles and pins.  I want to be sure I have everything in hand well before the final match of the series (Tennessee).


For those who have already told me you are in and have registered, THANK YOU!  For those who have verbally committed, but not sent in registration, please get those to me!


Right now we will definitely have the Open and Ladies Open, Gunfighter, Duelist, Frontier Cartridge, Lady Frontier Cartridge, Silver Senior and Lady Silver Senior.


I anticipate adding Junior Boy, and potentially Outlaw.  Those of you who signed up for Gunfighter, but who prefer Outlaw, I know who you are and if I can add that buckle I'll check with you to verify you want to switch to that category. 


Please help me spread the word.  I know there are quite a few people who will be shooting at least three of these but haven't signed up, likely because they don't frequent the Wire and haven't heard.

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We are looking for a few not so good Outlaws to join us and we will have our own category.

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Well I made a dent in our new stamp collection.....one of them was used for the M7....so let's get this party started!



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4 hours ago, Badlands Bob #61228 said:

I mailed my check yesterday.  So far, I'm signed up for Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Tenn.  Brisket wants to know where all the stamps went.  Uhhhh, I dunno.

Five matches!  Nice!  I'm down for four of them and may be able to add one more.

2 hours ago, Krazy Kajun said:

Well I made a dent in our new stamp collection.....one of them was used for the M7....so let's get this party started!



That's good news!  I assume you'll be a Gunfighter?

1 hour ago, Palmetto Traveller said:

Dang, Badlands Bob and now Kajun? There goes the neighborhood.

LOL.  We'll take anyone who is interested!

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2 hours ago, Palmetto Traveller said:

Dang, Badlands Bob and now Kajun? There goes the neighborhood.

You shoulda moved into a better neighborhood or had a better HOA! :lol:


And yes CBB, GF. 


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2 hours ago, Badlands Bob #61228 said:

I read all the rules carefully and he didn't say anything about having standards, so I'm in.  


Sounds good to me, I'm in!  Check is in the mail.

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14 minutes ago, Tn Tombstone said:

Theres our fifth Outlaw.

Sweet!  My chances of losing the gunfighter category gracefully just went up by 5 places.

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5 hours ago, Krazy Kajun said:

You shoulda moved into a better neighborhood or had a better HOA! :lol:


And yes CBB, GF. 


If I could afford a nicer neighborhood I'd have higher class friends. But, I remember a wise old cowboy once said he wouldn't want to be a member of any club that would have him so I'll just stay where I'm at.

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We're at 52 entries.  We need a few more of the following to make the categories.  Classic Cowboy, Lady Duelist and Junior Girl.   


We currently have buckles ordered for Top Mens, Top Ladies and 11 age/shooting style categories (listed above).  The cutoff for ordering more buckles is one week away.  I'm hoping I can fill those last three categories.  If I can't I'll give those people the option to be moved into another category or get a refund.


The sign up deadline is before the first bullet of the main match at Florida State goes down range.

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