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New Years Eve so far

Utah Bob #35998

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Snowed again last night and probably will till Wednesday. But the car is finally unstuck thanks to a neighbor’s help. While I was down working on it I checked the mailbox, not expecting UPS or Fedex had delivered. To my delight, UPS had dropped off a welcome package.


Dined al fresco with fried chicken sliders and Irish coffee. Monsieur Pedicaris seemed to think they were too spicy. I disagreed.

Saw a Magpie get nailed with a big clump of snow that fell off a pine. The bird didn’t seem to appreciate it as much as I did. :D 

Laid in some more firewood for the evening. Played a crappy Auld Lang Syne on my new geetar. Planning a spaghetti dinner and trying to decide what beverage to enjoy later on. 

Watching the Wolverines/Horned Frogs duke it out now.


Wishing everyone a happy New Years Eve. Hopefully the upcoming year will be better than my last two.

If you have any comment regarding politics, please keep it to yourself. ;)


See you in ‘23.







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A happy, healthy new year to you!!


Stay warm and dry and enjoy that beverage!!

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Happy New Year to you!

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Happy New Year Bob. May it be a lot better than the previous several have been

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Happy New Year to all and at halftime, the Buckeyes are leading. All is well. (so far) GO BUCKS

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