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I wish people's lies made better sense


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Another board.


Guy's telling a story. His father-in-law died, and mother-in-law told him to come over to the house, took him to the Gun Room, and told him he could have his choice - two guns. He picked a 1911 and an M1 Carbine.


When he told her his choices, she said that if he wanted that rifle he might as well take this also, and remove the tarp from a stack of 50 caliber cans. He opened one and it was full of bandoliers.


So far so good.


Each pocket of the bandolier held a loaded 20 round magazine.


Carbine bandoliers did not contain magazines. They held two stripper clips. Also carbines do not have 20 round magazines. They originally had 15 and 30. Then they came up with 5 so they could be used for hunting. Several years ago they came up with 10 so the the Communist States would be happy. But they don't make a 20.


It was a good story up to then. It was even believable enough to make you jealous.

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Maybe there was a Sportsman membership involved.

Hard to call someone a liar over such an easily researched and discovered item.

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ive often looked at posts with skepticism but generally figured there was more to the story than was being told - sometimes the poster says its a family heirloom brought back from a relatives service [rarely true] but generally just repeating something they were told as a kid forever , sometimes its an adult that doesnt know any better , its a lie but not one that was intentional , and as shown above could be true as we dont know when the mags of ammo were bought and stockpiled ...good on him , 


what i thought was coming in this thread was something way different - say an M2 carbine , i had an encounter with one of those threads in the past , it was an ATF sting effort - i had told the guy he needed a lawyer if he was going to keep it and the paperwork would not be cheap , i got a PM from him offering to sell to me direct , when i responded that i never break the law in buying guns and i was going to post his contact with a scam warning he ceased to contact but others indicated they got the offer too , 


FWIW , he never asked for any specific amount - he just wanted me to show interest in buying - im sure they would have been on my doorstep in days 

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Maybe there are 10 round stripper clips in the bandoliers and he used the word magazine?

You know how people call a magazine a clip and vice versa?

Maybe that’s it. 

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