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Merry Christmas

Utah Bob #35998

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Wish a warm land peaceful Christmas.

To my family near and far. 


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39 minutes ago, Subdeacon Joe said:

Merry Christmas, sir.





Thank you my friend.



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Merry Christmas and may you have many Saloon posts in the new year. 

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A little late, but I hope you had a Merry Christmas Utah Bob.

Big Red and I had a steady stream of visitors for the past couple of days and we had to play host to.

I guess they were concerned about us being alone, because we had guests we hadn't had around for a few years.


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yes indeed , hope you all have a safe and happy new year , 


ill be working a jackpot shoot at our range that day , im not thinking it will be all that well attended but ive been surprised before with great turnouts when weather didnt cooperate or timing was off , who knows ? either way think illl be home before 5:30 pm here and then im in for the night , dont party anymore like that , 

we threw a big one here 22 years ago , had over 100 people in and out of the house over the night , had some here in the morning too , some were thinking the Y2K thing made it mandatory to party , others just enjoyed that we had lots of room to get together in a safe area without having to travel too far , a couple relatives felt that way and knew they could stay , had a BIL propose to his now wife , and a bunch of friends gave me singing fish for birthday gifts --each of those have since been returned for their birthdays , 

anyway - stay safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all 

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