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WTB: 8x57 J Brass (.318)

Flaco Joe

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Does anyone happen to have some 8x57 J brass? This is rimless 8mm Mauser, but the .318 diameter version of pre-WWI Mausers.


This will be for an early bolt action rifle. 


I’d like at least 20 pieces, but I’ll take what I can find. I’ve found some through Graf & Sons, but want to see if any of my pards have some.


Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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Do you happen to need the reloading dies or bullets?  If so PM me, I have some I would like to get rid of. 

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I tried to PM you, but was told your mailbox is full. 


I have a set of 8x57 JR dies, but if you have a set of dies specific to 8x57 J, then I am interested.


I’m also interested in any .318 bullets you have. Not .323. 


PM me and let me know what you’ve got.



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